Mission & Rules

Our Mission

We believe that motivation is transformation. We’re on a mission to bring people the motivation they need to become who they want to be. Making personal change is one of the hardest things any of us can do. If you’re brave enough to try and determined enough to succeed, the people in your life will want to support, celebrate, and reward you.

A community powered by generosity—from Backers to Achievers and Achievers to charities—can bring out the best in everyone who is part of it. The more we see people reaching their health and happiness goals, the more we are all fulfilling our purpose.

Our Rules

1. Goal Goodies is about self-improvement. Goals must be created by individuals and must be related to personal wellness, health, happiness, or accomplishment. Raising funds for business ventures is not allowed.

2. Our community culture is one of support, generosity, and trust. We do not want anyone here whose intention is to do anything other than bring out the best in themselves and others. If you see any unkind or inappropriate content please report it so we can all work together to maintain a culture where everyone thrives.